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DAM Creative Empowerment – Demand What You Bought

Buying enterprise level DAM software is a unique challenge. It requires a high degree of IT knowledge to understand the technical requirements that goes into the implementation, yet it’s procured for people with little technical knowledge; creatives. Creatives typically have a minority voice through the buying and implementation process and consequently are often disappointed with the end result, as what they were told they were getting is often unclear, misleading, not particularly helpful to their day-to-day needs, or not even possible. But, creatives and end-users in general do have a voice – a critically important voice that in many respects determines the ultimate success or failure of the DAM initiative itself. As DAM becomes more pervasive and technologically complex, users will need to exert their voice to ensure they’re getting what they need and what they’re paying for. 

This webinar will focus on how creative users can be clear from the beginning about their requirements and how to vet potential vendors to ensure they purchase the right solution. It will also explain some key actions necessary during the implementation stage to ensure that when the DAM is rolled out that marketing, IT and creatives are all happy. 


Director – Alliances US
SVP of Practice Development & Advisory Services

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