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Auto-tagging technology: can it replace humans? Opportunities for symbiotic and effective use of automated metadata tagging

The labour required to maintain high-quality metadata across all flavours of content technology -- from traditional document management to the more modern marketing technology platforms -- can often seem sisyphean: such that it can never be completed. Like Sisyphus, we roll the same big rock up the hill every day, manually adding metadata in a valiant attempt to achieve new levels of automation and smarter business outcomes. 

ICP, which works with many of the world’s leading brands developing strategies and services to optimise metadata and the asset management process, experienced increased interest from clients regarding auto-tagging technology. Responding to demand, ICP conducted a comparative proof of concept in a real client environment, testing the efficacy of some of the leading auto-tagging tools. 

This webinar will explore the opportunity of auto-tagging in the context of digital asset management technology, and reports on ICP’s testing of various offerings.

  • What is Auto-Tagging
  • What is the promise
  • Who are the main players
  • How are DAM vendors responding
  • Key Findings
  • How to get the most benefit
  • How to approach system training
  • Supporting teams and changing ways of working


DAM Industry Analyst; Director & Chief Strategist
Vox Veritas Digital
CEO EMEA & AsiaPac

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ICP was established in 1988 to provide advertising production, adaptation and versioning services to global advertisers. In 2005 as a natural extension to delivering global consistency and protecting our clients' brands, we added the management of global DAM solutions to our offer. Today, this offer has expanded further and includes: Digital Transformation Consulting, Asset Management, Change Management and support and training across the wider MarTech landscape. Across both sides of the business our client list includes Diageo, Unilever, Nokia, Avon, Tiffany & Co, Estee Lauder, Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein and many more.