Hendrik Edzards



Hendrik is specialized in the digitization of marketing and sales processes, product information management and omnichannel marketing. After a career as software engineer and consultant he founded his own company in 2015. Since that time PIMWORKS is providing full services for implementing complex IT-projects. This includes consulting, analysis, solution design, implementation, training and project management. Hendrik lays strong emphasis on well modeled data, consistent system and data integration, reliable and up-to-date technologies, a nice user experience and efficient business processes.

When it comes to omnichannel marketing Hendrik and his colleagues favor pragmatic, cost efficient, scalable and easy to change solutions. With the right technology and sound concepts integrating ERP-systems with the PIM/DAM, generating PDF documents as well as providing product information to CMS and CRM-systems, digital marketplaces, social media platforms, APIs and other systems become an enjoyable task rather than a costly headache. With that mentality Hendrik supported companies from different industries in their endeavor to optimize business processes, reduce time to market and provide a consistent client experience across all marketing and sales channels.

April - May, 2022

An Online Series