Preparing and Managing a DAM Migration

An Online Educational Series

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Session 1: Scoping and Preparing for a DAM Migration 

In this session, learn how to define and scope the migration effort for a DAM implementation. This includes approaches for defining the migration strategy, scoping opportunities for improvement vs. “lift and shift”, auditing content and metadata, and requirements gathering.


Session 2: DAM Metadata, Taxonomy and Migration 

A migration is the ideal time to diagnose any problems you have with content findability and information architecture in your current DAM so you don’t recreate the same issues. We discuss how to find and fix search problems, evaluate metadata health and identify streamlining opportunities, and how to update taxonomies to fit new business needs.


Session 3: File Management, Technical Migration and Post-Migration QA  

Everything you need to know about physically moving files into a DAM, including how to identify and prioritize only the most relevant content for migration, how to flag and remove duplicates, techniques for batch processing file moves to staging and ingest, and the various levels of integrity checks which can be executed for final verification. 


Session 4: Migration Project Management

This session will focus on the various roles and responsibilities which should be considered in creating your migration project team to ensure that the migration is carried out in a controlled, well-ordered manner.  We’ll address how to structure a milestone-based approach to your migration project, the sequence of tasks, task dependencies, as well as what deliverables are appropriate to produce as an outcome to document and communicate the goals and activities of the project.