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Creative Force is a real-time tracking and end-to-end workflow system supporting e-commerce content creation at scale. Covering all aspects of production from sample check-in to photography, internal and external post-production, through final asset delivery—Creative Force is built with a “user-first” approach ensuring your creative team will love it!



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ShotFlow defines a new martech category: Studio Production Management ( SPM ). SPM is the critical process of creating visual assets at scale, as practiced by retail brands and their studio network. ShotFlow connects t he entire studio content production process i nto a single, seamless workflow, integrated into your other Systems of Record. Spreadsheets are replaced with automated data flow from beginning to end, including smarter assets via automated metadata t agging. Now brands can manage all visual content production f rom one dashboard, across any number of in-house and/or studio partners. Welcome to the world's first and only standardized production platform for visual content creation.



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Pixelz helps e-Commerce studio professionals beat deadlines by providing reliable, AI-powered retouching at scale. With Pixelz, you can produce higher quality photos faster and at a greater volume than ever before while enjoying full transparency and access to dashboards and real-time data through The Pixelz Platform.



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There are a number of opportunities for your company to get in front of our community. For further information, please contact Daniel Luper by email at DanielL@henrystewart.co.uk


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