Festival of DAM 2021

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Post-Event Tutorial

Further your Digital Asset Management education with our exclusive Post-Event Tutorial with world-leading DAM expert Theresa Regli [September 9, 2021]. Places are limited so we recommend booking soon to avoid disappointment! 

Tickets to the tutorial are $99. Click here to register now!

(If you have already booked your place for the event, you can upgrade your ticket to include the Post-Event Tutorial by selecting 'Modify Registration').

Connecting DAM to the Enterprise: Turbo Version!

Thursday September 9, 12PM - 1.30PM EDT
The fast-paced post-conference tutorial is an updated, in-depth, and rapid-fire overview of DAM's place in the enterprise technology stack. We'll answer questions such as:
  • Where does DAM fit in the enterprise, and what systems does it typically connect to in different sorts of companies? 
  • What are the business drivers for those integrations? 
  • What is data orchestration, and why is it important for connecting DAM to the enterprise?
We'll explore the latest best practices for integrating DAM with PIM, WCM, marketing automation tools, e-commerce, packaging, and creative production. Join us for the "turbo" version of this highly-acclaimed, information-packed deep dive, with 75 minutes of content followed by 15 minutes of Q&A.

Tutorial Leader

Theresa Regli

Theresa Regli, DAM Industry Strategist, Analyst and Author



"This series helpded me to improve the knowledge of the costellation of the Application: DRM, PIM, MRM, MDM, DAM. Very interesting the best practice about how to manage metadata, assets, rendition, etc"
Stefano Scargetta, Bulgari SpA


"This was a fantastic insight into the DAM world, having spent past 12 months learning about this world, this series has given me the tools and knowledge to go back to my organisation to implement new DAM processes, communicate to senior management the resources required to make our DAM a success. An important phrase I took from it was that A DAM is not just a technical challenge to be improved, but requires the right resources to align, integrate and manage to make it a success. Theresa has a great way in presenting information on DAMS and is able to use her skills and wonderful knowledge to align to all different types of organisations. Her book is a great read too! I hope that this time next year we will have a successfully integrated DAM system!"
Lynette Conlon, Tourism NI



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