Festival of DAM 2021

A celebration of all things DAM


Natalie Trevonne-Gross

Marketing & Outreach Coordinator

Blind Institute of Technology

Natalie is an Actress, Model, Dancer and Fashion & Entertainment Accessibility Consultant. She’s currently working with brands, companies and organizations to make sure that people of all abilities can access things independently. Natalie uses her relationship to both the fashion and entertainment industry as a platform to speak out for more representation of people from historically marginalized groups. She currently serves as the creative director and a cohost for the Fashionably Tardy podcast. Fashionably Tardy bridges the gap between the disability community and the fashion industry by telling the amazing stories of some dope fashion creatives killing it in the industry today!


An Online Event

What others say

HS DAM events wrangle an incredible amount of information into clear, managed presentations - facilitating one of the best virtual events I've been in. I continue to learn something new each and every session. 

Nick Makansi
UNC Charlotte

HS DAM events has set the bar for virtual conferences! Live sessions, engaging polls and questions boxes, chats with attendees, and virtual contests for swag...I don't know how a virtual conference could be more awesome! I look forward to this conference every year and the team at HS never disappoints!

Nicole Burgess
Robert Half

HS DAM events provide me with an opportunity to learn, develop, promote and understand all there is to know about DAM, I have been able to truly connnect with DAM professionals who have helped me be successful in my own DAM journey.

Lynette Conlon
Tourism NI