The exponential growth of video has quickly become almost standard for communicating with our customers and communities. Traditionally, our DAM systems have been optimized to handle image assets - but this is quickly shifting as organizations struggle to keep up with the rapidly increasing video consumption.

Over four sessions we will examine the DAM technologies that can help you manage your video assets from Production to Distribution and on to Archiving.

The series covers:

  • Is there a world in which my image and video assets exist in a single system?
  • The differences and similarities between traditional DAM and MAM (Media Asset Management)
  • Illustrated throughout with case studies and examples of best practices in managing video
  • Healthily rigorous Q&As in every session

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  • This series has now finished. Click here to access the recordings. 

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  • Each session is 75 minutes
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This series is now complete. To catch up on-demand, click here

Session 1: Where is Video Management in the Enterprise - the questions you should be asking
Session 2: Behind the Scenes of Arthrex's Video Production Strategy: Managing Over 1.3 Million Assets to Drive Innovation and Growth 
Session 3: Airbnb's Video Production: Work From Anywhere, Film From Anywhere, Edit From Anywhere 
Session 4: The MAM in 30 Days Challenge


You can view the full series summary here


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