DAM New York 2020

The Art and Practice of Managing Digital Media

The TechLab

Day 1 - Tuesday, April 14

Exploring Active Story Management - with Tenovos
April 14, 9:40 AM

Tenovos will provide their view on Storytelling and their Tenovos Active Story Management platform. Learn first hand how clients are taking advantage of their Story Manager, Story Streams and Story Insights products to get a 360 degree of brand content and data.

Neil Grant, Head of Product, Tenovos

Bringing Clarity to your Retail Content with Digital Asset Management - with 4ALLPORTAL
April 14, 10:10 AM

During this session, DAM Guru Matthew Patulski will discuss strategies for retailers to utilize Digital Asset Management as part of an ecosystem or platform approach to deliver consistent, relevant digital content to retailers, their product partners, and consumers. As part of this session, topics such as metadata, rights management, content syndication, brand standards, legal compliance will be covered. Session participants will leave equipped with concepts and language to advocate for improvements to their business processes with Digital asset Management. 

Matthew Patulski, Business Analyst and PM, CyanGate LLC
Dominic Vieregge, Director of Marketing & Sales, 4ALLPORTAL

How AI and Automation can Supercharge your DAM to Support your Omnichannel Future - with OpenText
April 14, 10:40 AM

Empower your DAM users to create digital media supply chain workflows capable of delivering an omnichannel customer experience at scale to support limitless growth. 
Come to this session to learn how your business users can get the most value from digital assets by easily automating workflows that drive content production, personalization and omnichannel distribution.

David McGough, Principal Product Manager, OpenText
Conrad Henson, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, OpenText

TechLab with WoodWing
April 14, 11:20 AM

How do DAM and Distributed Marketing drive sales through channels? - with Wedia
April 14, 11:50 AM

According to industry analyst IDC, digital marketers and creative directors are realizing significant ROI today from their investments in DAM. 79% have increased revenue by 10% or more. In addition, more than 75% of worldwide sales today flows through channels (as stated by the WTO).
How can a DAM platform support your sales through channel strategy? 
In this TechLab, we’ll discuss the following key points: 

  • Drive channel sales through a Single Source of Truth
  • Measure everything: using analytics to drive results
  • Engaging content and promotions… made easy
  • Ability to execute the design and production of on-brand personalized, multi-country, multilingual content

Michael Iulo, VP of Sales North America, Wedia 
Marcus Madej, Director of Distributed Marketing, Clutch Studios

Who Leaked Your Asset? Learn how to Track Your Chain of Custody - with IMATAG
April 14, 12:20 PM

Are some of your assets sensitive, perhaps embargoed before release? Would a leak negatively impact your brand’s competitive advantage or damage a strategic client relationship? IMATAG's patented invisible watermark makes it possible to know precisely who, where, and how your images and videos are being used, in digital and print.

During this session, IMATAG and integration partner IO Integration will show you how to track your valuable assets during any phase of production and in the wild, after they leave your DAM.
Learn how to manage, control, and understand how assets are used, monitor for compliance, leak detection, usage rights, intellectual property, and calculate earned media.

Paul Melcher, VP Business Development, IMATAG
James Word, Director of Integrated Services, IO Integration, Inc.

TechLab with Episerver/Aprimo
April 14, 1:15 PM

Manage Your Product Content with DAM: Do you Really Need a “PIM”? - with Sitecore
April 14, 1:50 PM

There are many definitions and flavors for Product Information Management (PIM) in the market today. There’s PIM in product management, IT management, MDM, PLM, and even your good old product databases! While for some use cases you may need one of those; for most organizations a Product Content Management (PCM) solution fits the bill. In this session, see firsthand how Sitecore PCM helps companies like General Mills and Pet Supplies Plus: 

  • Enrich existing product data with marketing content to create a single source of truth 
  • Search, find, and curate products in one unified repository
  • Streamline content processes for easy collaboration among marketing, commerce, and product managers
  • Support multiple brands, families, complex product ranges, lifecycle, and localization

Brian Bishop, Sales Engineer, Sitecore

How the Content Gap is Killing Brands - with Celtra
April 14, 2:20 PM

Is the volume of your creative output too low? Does the quality also suffer? Are your campaigns missing launch dates because your content doesn’t match local media plans?
If you responded yes to any of these, then your brand has fallen prey to what Celtra calls “The Content Gap,” the delta between the amount of content brands want to produce and the resources they have available. With climbing content demands and stagnant (or even shrinking) budgets, the gap is growing greater by the day and it’s killing brands. Join this session to learn how to jump out of the channel and format race and start creating at the speed of culture.

Nick Fitzsimmons, Director of Sales Solutions, Celtra

Get more out of your DAM: Why your DAM isn’t just a content archive - with Imagen
April 14, 2:50 PM

Think your DAM is just a safe place to store all of your digital assets? Think again. Nowadays, innovative DAMs go beyond the simple organization of content to handling the intricacies of distributing the most complex of corporate assets internally and externally. By managing and sharing all of your digital assets, including video, from one centralized platform, you can:

  • Mitigate risk by controlling and managing access to content
  • Track and measure usage of your content; and 
  • Drive efficiencies though time saved searching for and accessing content

In fact DAMs are increasingly helping organizations manage and protect their corporate reputation and brand image by:

  • Supporting good news stories with existing content (internally and externally)
  • Enabling the fast delivery of hi res content to broadcasters and  newsrooms 
  • Frequent publishing to social media to keep clients and shareholders informed 
  • Reinforcing your heritage as part of your PR strategy with your archived content

Brie Pegum, VP of Product, Imagen

Smart Templates: The Secret to DAM Adoption - with CHILI-publish
April 14, 3:20 PM

What leads to success after you implement your DAM solution? Are assets used in archaic ways, with designers going much of the customization work? Simplify and automate how graphics are built with Smart Templates. With brand identity guidelines on board, Smart Templates let your users self-service and generate error-free production files for print or digital. Learn how you can drive DAM adoption by enabling your DAM users.

Kevin Goeminne, CEO, CHILI-publish 

The key to DAM admin success, aligning your strategy with your marketing strategy - with Widen
April 14, 4:00 PM

Being a DAM admin isn't just a task. But it can feel that way if it's not tied to your business objectives. That's why it's so important to connect the data, people, and technologies involved with a coordinated effort. In this session, we will reveal if your DAM approach aligns with your organizational marketing strategy and explore opportunities to connect the two.

Rebecca Running, Marketing Technology Consultant, Widen

No Asset Left Behind - with CI HUB
April 14, 4:30 PM

In Omnichannel, converged production workflow environments, the quest for a simplified and standardized way to access and connect to both structured and unstructured digital assets across multiple data sources from numerous vendors remains the challenge for enterprise-wide adoption of your MarkTech Stack. That’s why you need a solution that takes access to digital assets to a whole new level, where your end-users can access all assets in-app (Adobe CC & Office 365) to deliver exceptional creative to all-channels with speed and impact.

In this session, you will hear how CI-HUB has solved this challenge for the marketing enterprise. CI-HUB is the only Connector to your digital assets across multiple sources that lets you find, link, and access assets from a single In-APP gateway. The Connector enables you to increase your content production velocity to realize a more significant ROI for your Martech Stack investment — every single time.

See CI HUB in action within Adobe Creative Suite InDesign, InCopy, Illustrator, Photoshop and Premiere Pro or Microsoft PowerPoint/Word and one of our Partners: Pixelboxx, PicturePark, Bynder, Dropbox, Google Photos, Google Drive, MyView, Brandfolder, BrandMaster, eyebase, Tenovos, Cloudinary and more.

Andreas Michalski, CEO, CI HUB

Day 2 - Wednesday, April 15

The Present (and Future) of Intelligent Imagery - with DALIM Software GmbH
April 15, 9:00 AM

Assets are only worth as much as the value you can extract from them. Ballooning content needs and options for distribution means brands and retailers create a growing collection of bland assets – photos, videos, etc that have little data associated with them beyond a file name.

Splashlight and Dalim will discuss what they’ve learned in their decade-long tech partnership, and how they’ve created battle-tested software that embeds intelligence at every step – as well as discuss what’s coming next.

Benoit Lagarde, Co-Founder, Splashlight

Getting AI to do the DAM Hard Work for You - with Stibo DX
April 15, 9:40 AM

AI is proving to be a game changer when it comes to personalizing experiences throughout the customer journey. But how do you effectively harness the power of AI in your DAM operations? In this session, we will demonstrate how AI capabilities, such as character recognition, label detection, object recognition, speech-to-text analysis and more, can be used to automate digital asset value chains: from the creation of metadata to the final serving of personalized content to customers. 

In addition, you will get inspiration on how to work with AI in an open and flexible system architecture. See how the built-in AI features of the CUE DAM solution can be expanded through integration with best-of-breed, third-party AI providers. 

Jacob Gjørtz, VP Marketing, Stibo DX
Ole Olsen, CEO, Digital Collections

Workflow Automation and AI in Adobe Experience Manager Assets - with Adobe
April 15, 10:10 AM

Artificial intelligence in digital asset management is no longer a future vision, it’s a reality right now and for Adobe Experience Manager Assets customers it’s redefining workflows by automating cumbersome tasks, improving productivity and dramatically accelerating time to market. During this session, discover how industry-leading, Adobe Sensei AI capabilities within Experience Manager Assets optimize and accelerate your workflows with smart crop for images and video, trainable smart tags, content and experience fragments and more. Plus, see how marketers and content managers can now access new, valuable insights generated from the power of AI that optimize omni channel experiences at scale and deliver greater ROI workflows.

Joe Pearl, Sr. Solutions Consultant, Adobe Experience Cloud

Managing Video Assets is Easier than you Think - with Extreme Reach
April 15, 10:50 AM

Video is a marketer’s dream but an asset management nightmare. If this is what you think, you’re wrong. Yes—sight, sound, and motion are undeniably the most engaging and powerful forms of brand storytelling, but the system and process for managing all those precious gems is right in front of our eyes.

In this session, learn how the very process that marketers use today for video workflow is by nature, a robust video asset management platform. And it gets better: it’s already built for massive capacity, natural population of metadata, automatic preparation for the dizzying array of specifications, easy librarian controls, rights management, and reuse ROI tracking. Dreams really do come true.

Melinda McLaughlin, CMO, Extreme Reach

Campaign Planning and Execution – How to Successfully Manage your Brand Globally and Increase Marketing Performance - with BrandMaker
April 15, 11:20 AM

Marketing specialists constantly face challenges to achieve more with less time and deliver personalized content at scale worldwide. They need to find a way to bridge the gap between corporate and regional marketing teams enabling everyone, including their agency partners, to work smarter, not harder. In this presentation we’ll demonstrate how you can dump your spreadsheets while still having full visibility and access to campaign plans and content assets, so that you can improve content effectiveness and re-use. By starting to implement effective workflows you can speed up time to market and optimize marketing efforts.

Ted Lesher, Managing Director, BrandMaker

TechLab with Bynder
April 15, 12:20 PM

Accelerate Ideas to Market - with Nuxeo
April 15, 1:25 PM
Today’s creative assets impact not just marketing, but the full idea-to-shelf lifecycle - from initial concepts through to customer experience. This session outlines how companies can accelerate ideas to market by connecting content assets to data throughout the lifecycle from design to support. The result is a more efficient digital supply chain, and an increased value of their assets.

Allowing companies to:

  • Accelerate  introduction to grow market share
  • Identify and create opportunities in design, development, and go-to-market processes
  • Streamline and accelerate development cycles to deliver time-sensitive customer value

​Alan Porter, DIrector of Product Marketing, Nuxeo

How Customized AI is Addressing Unique DAM Use Cases in Manufacturing, Entertainment and Not for Profit - with MediaValet
April 15, 2:00 PM

While basic AI can now easily identify and tag common objects, text and logos in assets; it’s been ineffective in tagging unique objects such as hex nuts or specific minions or chimpanzees. This session will uncover how enterprise organizations such as those in manufacturing, entertainment, and not-for-profit, can train custom AI models to identify objects unique to their businesses.

Jean Lozano, CTO, MediaValet