DAM New York 2020

The Art and Practice of Managing Digital Media

The Lifecycle of an Asset: From Request to Reporting, and the Technology and Process to Support It

Thursday April 16, 2.00 pm - 5.00 pm

The simple act of requesting an asset kicks off a process that touches multiple technology platforms and crosses many functional divisions both inside and outside of the In-House Agency.

So what? Join us on the journey of an asset from request, through the shoot, adding metadata, managing the asset through the project lifecycle to final execution, and then collecting the data to discover the success of the asset.

Why? To learn about the technologies required to support the asset through its lifecycle and discuss best practices for metadata standards and asset management.


Tutorial Leader

David Iscove, Creative Technology Practice Lead, Cella, is an influencer in the adoption of cutting-edge creative application solutions related to enterprise-scale new media production and consumer engagement. David believes in empowering creatives by providing the right tools for each job and avoiding compromise. To accomplish this, David has focused his career on system integration design, automation, and data architecture improvements - the heavy lifting behind the scenes which, if performed correctly, enable simplicity on the front end for creatives to do what they do best...be creative!

An expert in high-volume, large-collection Digital Asset Management, David has managed asset properties in the video game industry for market-leader Activision (for whom he produced and managed content for the Guitar Hero franchise: 25+ million units sold) and the recording industry as Director of Archives for Capitol Records through which he helped improve the label’s valuation towards sale to Universal Music Group.