DAM New York 2020

The Art and Practice of Managing Digital Media

Problem Solving: 'The Calamity Company'

Thursday April 16, 9.30 am - 12.30 pm

This tutorial will take you on a guided tour through The Calamity Company, a fictitious company plagued with many of the symptoms that most organizations struggle with: work coming in from all directions, no clear project ownership or due dates, minimal data to support their frustration, and more.
In this session we will explore the fundamentals required to help drive operational excellence and solve The Calamity Company’s problems.
Designed to empower everyone working in Creative Operations to gain efficiencies in their workflow, you will learn how to identify bottlenecks, standardize your process and leverage key metrics to showcase your team’s value.
Topic highlights include: 
  • Identifying blind spots 
  • Setting up intake process to yield actionable insights
  • Resource Planning and Optimization
  • Metrics and final dashboards


Tutorial Leader

Kevin Brucato is VP, Creative Operations for Prudential Brand Marketing & Advertising and Global Communications. He began his 25-plus years of experience at Bozell Advertising where he later went on to serve as a creative operations executive for other leading New York agencies. Kevin is driven by a passion for excellence. He takes pride in helping creative operations evolve and avoid the pitfalls that cause destruction, and he focuses on making the impossible, possible. He appreciates the complexity that creativity requires, provides clarity so that organizations can see clearly, and simply put, figures out the best way to get work done. 

Currently at Prudential, Kevin oversees a wide range of services for Brand Marketing, Advertising and Communications. This includes fiscal responsibility, business process and workflow, technology, creative production, integrated project management and media operations. He also has a broad base of enterprise infrastructure management experience across IT, legal, information security and vendor governance. A self-described troubleshooter, Kevin designs customized creative solutions to achieve optimal operational efficiency and translates complex issues into clear solutions. Kevin holds a BA in psychology from Binghamton University. When he’s not tackling the latest operational challenges, he can be found on the golf course or relaxing with his family.