DAM Europe 2019

The Art and Practice of Managing Digital Media


Choose your Panel: 'Real World Lessons from the DAM Journey' or 'Data and Analytics from DAM'

27 June, 16:10PM

Real World Lessons from the DAM Journey

Every enterprise is on a different stage of their DAM journey. Some are looking to take control of their digital assets with a DAM for the first time. Others are on their second, third, or fourth iteration of their DAM systems. No matter which stage you are at, there are lessons to be learned from your peers. In this session, we’ll hear from DAM professionals at varying stages of their journeys to learn what has and hasn’t worked well for them. We’ll find out what they would do again and what they’d do differently if they could do it over again.

Data and Analytics from DAM

DAM platforms are often integrated with other systems and tools now, enabling assets to flow automatically, information to be exchanged seamlessly, and a broader vision for asset management in general. These integrations have typically been driven by a functional need (for the DAM users themselves or for other aspects of the content lifecycle in other areas). What’s emerging, though, is that DAM can contribute a great deal to the overall data picture of an organisation:

  • Asset metadata carries a lot of information about your products and services, and how they are marketed & sold
  • Asset usage (search, download, etc.) carries information about focus, trends, interests and priorities
  • The information an asset accumulates through its lifecycle – who is doing what, when, how often, in which departments, etc. – reveals much about the business and how it operates

What used to be an academic discussion about analytics and AI is becoming real and feasible today. It’s not even necessarily about building a big, complex data ecosystem – just smartly leveraging the data you have.

Our panel will explore what data and integrations are meaningful and feasible today, and share their experiences of making it real.