DAM Europe 2019

The Art and Practice of Managing Digital Media


PANDORA - The Evolution of a DAM Solution

27 June, 11:20PM

A DAM implementation is not a single project with fixed start and end dates. It is a continuous journey that responds to organisational changes and improved ways of working. In this session we will explore the journey taken by PANDORA from a small PIM and DAM at the office in Copenhagen to a global Product Content Management suite. We will outline how growth of the organisation changed the business need and impacted the development of the solution. We will also describe how developments in the DAM arena provided new opportunities. 

The demands placed on a required solution have always been high, since there is a need to continuously focus on business value. This objective requires the most efficient way of working and supporting as many processes as possible from a single solution. 

The journey has yielded some valuable lessons and prepared PANDORA as a sustainable solution for years to come - with new opportunities still waiting to be explored.