DAM and Integrations

February 2, 2:40 PM EST

We all know that a Digital Asset Management system is critical for today’s museums to serve as the single source of truth for digital assets in the organization. A DAM promises better search capabilities, wider access to assets for museum staff, more automated asset-related processes, and a more secure environment for housing and transferring assets internally and externally.

But, in order to truly maximize the benefits to a museum, the DAM cannot be a standalone application. Rather, the DAM needs to be connected to the museum’s other critical systems. 

Moderated by Jarrod Gingras, Managing Director and Analyst at Real Story Group, come ready to explore which critical museum applications should be on your integration list. We’ll talk about critical best practices and lessons learned from those who have actually done these integrations.

This session will show you the possibilities of a future connected technology environment that will position your museum to improve the efficiency of asset and collection management, reduce the risk of inconsistency and inaccuracy, and enhance the overall value of the museum’s collection.


February 2, 2022

An Online Event