Creative Operations San Diego 2019

Making Creative Work Better


Creative Operations – Now in Demand

The importance of ‘Creative Operations’ – the tools, systems and methods that maximize productivity in the creative process – is being increasingly recognized by leading organizations across all product and service sectors. What was considered a back office function is now credited as a key driver in producing great creative work. 


Creative Operations at Henry Stewart Events

In 2016, we recognized that to keep up with the exponential growth in demand for content, the evolving group of Creative Ops Pros wanted a day dedicated to the subject. Since our first event in New York, it has grown rapidly in size, complexity and maturity and can now be attended in locations across the globe [New York, San Diego and London].  


Join us in San Diego on November 6

We are delighted to be returning to San Diego this November for our fourth West Coast event. Book now to equip yourself with a Creative Ops Toolbox that will help you to: 

  • Keep up with the demand for real-time content production

  • Identify and overcome pitfalls in your creative process

  • Master the balance of business acumen, creativity and technology

  • Wrangle the sea of data to create meaningful reports and dashboards

  • Standardize your intake process to drive efficiencies in your workflow

  • Create effective feedback cycles: annotation, content review and approval

  • Lead Creative Operations change within your organization 


This conference is co-located at Digital Asset Management San Diego 2019

What others say

"Opened my eyes to opportunities for improvement and really exposed blind spots…I feel confident I can get what I need from co-workers and senior teams to succeed in my role."  

Brittany Harman

"Excellent opportunity to network and brainstorm with peers facing similar challenges in this space!"

Heidi Richert

"Left me feeling inspired to go back to work and make a difference. It was informative and gave a sense of community support."

Ali McLeod
Hudson's Bay Company