Creative Operations New York 2019

Making Creative Work Better


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First Sessions Announced:


Experimentation and the Connection Between Technology and Creative

An engineer, a creative director and candy maker walk into a bar…
…and discover they have a lot in common. While the tools to exercise your technical and creative ideas has never been greater, the ways in which they come together can take a million different looks. When combing different aspects of an analytical mind, imagination and pure whimsy, our work becomes greater than the sum of its parts.
Finding creative applications for technologies is a rewarding and challenging career. In this session we’ll cover lessons learned working research and development in 3 different industries and sharing your ‘experiments’ with others. No matter what client you serve, or what audience you’re trying to reach, the applied principles remain the same. 

with Andy Hunt, Manager, Digital Innovation Lab, The Hershey Company


Made for YouTube: How Real-Time Analytics are Informing Video Production Workflows 

This presentation will be a specific client case study on how YouTube's real-time analytics can inform creative and video production decision-making. Using a variety of internal tools and both internal and external resources (e.g. clients, agencies, production partners, YouTube Product), join Josh for an inside look at how YouTube is transforming the future of video ad creative. 

You will come away with a deeper understanding of the latest ad formats shaping the online video ecosystem and how companies should incorporate real-time analytics and always-on creative optimization into their production workflows.

with Josh Auffret, Head of Production & Creative Technology, Google/YouTube


What does the Ideal Creative Ops Team Look Like?

As the importance of Creative Operations is being increasingly recognized, many organizations are designing new teams, or re-designing old ones, geared toward this discipline. 

Whether in the context of a newly formed ‘in-house’ agency model or a more traditional ‘out-of-house’ one, getting the structure of these teams right is important. 

Should a Creative Ops team include specialized Resource Managers, Traffic Managers, Data Analysts, Project Managers, and Account Managers? If you don’t have the budget for all of them, how do you prioritize between them? Or can you hire for blended roles? Join this panel session as we pick the brains of these Creative Ops leaders to find out.  

Moderator: Kevin Brucato, VP, Creative Operations, Prudential

Panelists include: Lauren Stefaniak, Digital Operations Manager, Victoria's Secret 

Christina Carr, Head of Profject Management, Global Business Marketing, Facebook


Perception is Sometimes Reality! Using Metrics to Change Behavior and Demonstrate Business Value

Driven by a need to elevate the perception of their in-house creative department, the Joint Replacement division at Stryker leveraged the power of engagement and metrics to transform their processes and achieve operational efficiencies. 

In this session, Tony Cambria and Jeff Strumpf will share their journey and provide you with the strategy, insights, philosophies and blueprint you need to move your department beyond ticket takers to valued business partners.

You will come away from this presentation with knowledge on how to gain the respect of internal stakeholders by moving the dialogue from anecdotal feedback to quantifiable business results.

with Tony Cambria, Director, Integrated Marketing, Stryker

and Jeff Strumpf, Senior Manager, Integrated Marketing, Stryker


Is the Personal Touch Still Needed? Bridging Technology and People at Nickelodeon

Between the daily rollout of new technology, virtual offices, flexible working arrangements and multiple work styles and preferences, the small co-located “family-like” team is vanishing. So how do you ensure that the creative process works within all these environments? 

The answer is by bridging the gap between technology and people. In this session, we will roll up our sleeves and dive into how re-focusing on the human role in Creative Operations can lead to quantifiable and qualitative results and is, now more than ever, essential to the Creative Operations triangle (People, Process, and Technology).

with Eric Squires, SVP, Creative Operations and Production, Nickelodeon Preschool and Global Experiences, Nickelodeon

and Adam Weiner, VP, Project Management Marketing/Creative, Nickelodeon


Interactive Workshop - Let’s talk about how to become an Internal Strategic Partner

For an in-house agency looking to become more of a strategic partner, one of the challenges is to manage internal client relationships effectively. The key challenge in transitioning to a more strategic role is bridging the gap from managing project requests effectively, which is project management, to managing client relationships, which is account management. 

In this workshop, we will lead an interactive exercise for participants to explore the fundamental differences between account management and project management, the pros and cons of each, and why these roles are critical to successfully building trust and respect between the in-house agency and the business owners.  

Session leaders: T. Alex Blum, Founding Partner, Blum Consulting Partners

Andrea B. Ruskin, Strategic Consultant & Partner, Blum Consulting Partners


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