Creative Operations London 2019

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What I’ve Learned Interviewing 20 Creative Leaders about their Careers

5 March, 12:25 AM

Having worked with creatives all his career, Robert thought that hosting a podcast featuring interviews with creative leaders would be easy, merely a conversation between equals. But the more he met the people in charge of Creative Operations, the more he saw how little he really knew about their long-term as well as everyday challenges leading creative teams.

Even more confounding was that he also got to see - along with the challenges of the podcasting process - the many different ways in which people describe what they do and approach their roles when managing creative teams within global brands.

But now, with around 20 interviews in the can - including with leaders from PwC, Experian, Coca-Cola, and the BBC - Robert has been able to find some shared ground as well as interesting differences. Join him for this talk as he shares some of these, along with his biggest lesson of all.


Radisson Blu Portman, London

What others say

“The first event of its kind I've been to in London - great to meet other professionals from Creative Operations Divisions in media and retail in one room for a day of discussion and knowledge sharing.” 

Anna Waldeck-Evans

“This event allowed me to connect and share learnings and reminded me that whatever level or size of the company, we all face similar challenges and can learn from each other.”

Ellie Cobb

"A great opportunity to connect with industry colleagues and build a sense of community"

Sam Yates
Team 6ix