Creative Operations London 2019

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Need for Speed vs Quality Control - A Creative Ops Dilemma?

5 March, 11:05 AM

Keeping up with today’s appetite for content is a challenge for creative and marketing teams. Couple that with an ever increasing demand for real-time publishing and Creative Ops leaders have to think carefully about how they structure teams, manage intake and harness technology. 

In this context, is there an optimum balance of speed and quality? How do you go about measuring creative work in the first place? Analytics help you track what is working and what is not - but what else should you be taking into account? 

Once the equilibrium between speed and quality is found, how you structure all this work becomes crucial. Org design, intake processes, resourcing, demand management and technology all need to be fine-tuned. We'll challenge these Creative Ops experts to show us how. 


Radisson Blu Portman, London

What others say

“The first event of its kind I've been to in London - great to meet other professionals from Creative Operations Divisions in media and retail in one room for a day of discussion and knowledge sharing.” 

Anna Waldeck-Evans

“This event allowed me to connect and share learnings and reminded me that whatever level or size of the company, we all face similar challenges and can learn from each other.”

Ellie Cobb

"A great opportunity to connect with industry colleagues and build a sense of community"

Sam Yates
Team 6ix