Creative Operations London 2019

Making Creative Work Better


The Creative Journey

5 March, 14:20

Candour, collaboration, ownership and the way to keep creativity at the heart of the work in an age of constant evolution and flux.

During this presentation, Julia will discuss these key principles and how they are at the heart of keeping her teams working efficiently, collaboratively and flexibly in an ever-evolving media and production landscape. She will focus on how she sets her teams up to win and how these elements come together to create an ecosystem for success.


Radisson Blu Portman, London

What others say

“The first event of its kind I've been to in London - great to meet other professionals from Creative Operations Divisions in media and retail in one room for a day of discussion and knowledge sharing.” 

Anna Waldeck-Evans

“This event allowed me to connect and share learnings and reminded me that whatever level or size of the company, we all face similar challenges and can learn from each other.”

Ellie Cobb

"A great opportunity to connect with industry colleagues and build a sense of community"

Sam Yates
Team 6ix