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Meaningful Gigs is simply the best creative freelancer hiring experience out there. At 3x the speed of LinkedIn Recruiter, it's easy to find vetted creatives quickly and efficiently. We prioritize quality and efficiency and work with iconic brands like Google, Meta, Starbucks, and IDEO. Our mission is to connect the world to untapped talent and create 100,000 skilled jobs for Africans, redesigning the future of creative work.



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Supernova is a comprehensive design system platform that empowers companies to effectively manage, scale, and distribute their design systems. With its end-to-end approach, Supernova streamlines the entire design system process, from design to code, documentation, and automated delivery. By consolidating all aspects of a design system in one platform and integrating with popular tools like Figma and Storybook, teams can save resources, drive adoption, and empower their existing workflow.



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Maze empowers product teams to continuously collect and consume user insights across the entire product development cycle. With solutions for participant recruitment, product research, and reporting, Maze helps teams build the habit of continuous product discovery in a platform that enables everyone to run great research.



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UXPin is a design tool that lets you not only create life-like prototypes but also design with the same components that developers build products with. This code-to-design approach helps you move your teams out of silos for real process improvements and build next-generation design systems. 



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At Workhorse one size does not fit all! The only global sample management and content creation workflow solution to include 5,000 product vendors in the sample and image creation process.



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