Jenny Price

DesignOps Lead & Manager, Business Platform Transformation & Operations CIO


Jenny Price is an accomplished design leader, designer, strategist, educator, manager, board advisor and has extensive experience leading large-scale distributed design teams and program initiatives within enterprise digital technology, healthcare innovation, and higher education.

She serves as DesignOps Lead and Manager for the Transformation & Operations team. Business Platform Transformation (BPT) drives innovation at IBM, one of the enterprise digital information technology leaders in the world, and creates the next generation experiences to help users while driving business results. Her team leads the strategic and implementation direction and design for all of and ecosystem platform and experiences—transforming the way IBM does business digitally across the enterprise.

Jenny’s mission is to elevate the culture and leadership of design and professional practice, growing an engaged, inspired, world-class community of makers focused on delivering design excellence.

Jenny also leads IBM’s DesignOps Community, working with over 450 DesignOps advocates and practitioners. This community shares best practices, publishing the first-ever IBM DesignOps Playbook. Presently, Jenny is leading the co-design efforts in developing an IBM point of view for DesignOps across four workstream efforts, consisting of over 50 IBMers across the organization.

Jenny is a long-time advocate for the design profession, serving in numerous national leadership positions within AIGA, the professional association for design. She has been featured at FEI's 2019 Boston Innovation Festival, 2020 Experience Design Week, Rosenfeld's DesignOps Summit (2020 & 2022), AIGA Nashville Design Week 2021, keynote speaker and workshop leader for the 2022 4th annual Global DesignOps conference, AIGA DesignOps Education Series, and in 2023 at the augural Design Operations NYC Summit, The 2023 NYC AIGA Conference, among other global speaking engagements.