Zoe Seaman

Head of Design Operations

Consumer Digital BT

Zoe joined BT's Consumer Digital team in 2021 as Head of Design Operations and is responsible for ensuring there is a user focused approach to how the team build, scale, and embed new capabilities across the Design and Digital team. With a focus on setting the strategic direction for capability initiatives, improving ways of working and removing inefficiencies for design and product teams. Zoe leads her team in identifying existing barriers, and equipping the design team with the tools, processes, systems, services, and guidance documentation to consistently deliver brilliant design at scale.

Zoe thrives on the challenge of building high performing Design teams and cultures. Focused on providing the right amount of process, intermediation, and people-centred management, to bridge the gaps between designers and the environments where they need to deliver value.

Zoe has been working in digital for over 17 years. Prior to BT, Zoe spent 11 years at Capital One, driving digital optimisation before moving into design to launch the first in-house mobile app. Zoe first worked in design at low-cost airline, bmibaby, where she worked with creative agencies to deliver web, mobile and digital marketing campaigns. In her early career Zoe spent 13 years working with TUI and on product management and conversion optimisation whilst managing and coaching teams.