Bassel Deeb

Design Programme Management Lead

Frog, part of Capgemini

Combing his passion for Design Thinking and his experience in business, people, and project management, Bassel set up the foundations for DesignOps disciplines at two FinTech scale-ups – ClearScore and Wise. He then moved to the consultancy realm with Frog (part of Capgemini Invent) to introduce the DesignOps approach and methods to their clients.

Prior to his work in DesignOps and after finishing his master’s studies in the UK, Bassel had to apply for asylum. That meant building a new life from scratch in a new country. Despite being an extremely difficult process, Bassel found this also to be liberating. It allowed him to rethink his career and build a new one, moving from the financial sector to product management, and finally to DesignOps and Design programme management. All of which enriched his creative thinking when it comes to Product and Design teams.

From global Design conferences to local meetups, Bassel speaks about how to become an empowering DesignOps practitioner and successfully set up and embed DesignOps in growing organisations.