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The Art and Practice of Managing Digital Media

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1000s of visitors have previously attended our landmark conference in New York. Take a look at some of our past presentations...

Metadata and Taxonomies: You Don’t Have to Start from Scratch with Yonah Levenson, HBO

This recorded session with Yonah Levenson, Manager of Metadata and Taxonomy, HBO, is about creating your own “standard of standards” through the use of existing industry metadata standards.

HBO’s solution is a team effort utilizing taxonomy and ontology expertize, combined with taxonomy data governance, project management, and the right metadata tools. Learn how to take existing standards and make them your own, saving time and effort. Manage taxonomy projects. Get tips on capturing and documenting efforts to ensure successful adoption.


Creating a Repository of Relationships: The Road to DAM at the American Museum of Natural History

From archival expedition documentation to innovative video production and world-class space shows, the American Museum of Natural History uses digital assets to achieve staff and organizational goals. Watch Jennifer Cwiok and Iris Lee present on how the Museum’s Research Library has led the current effort with an inclusive, Museum-wide approach founded in their deep knowledge of digital asset management practices and their role in supporting museum collections with metadata and taxonomies.


PIM and DAM Integration: Connecting your Assets and the Data about your Products, General Mills

One of the most common integration points for DAM is PIM, or Product Information Management. Managing product data that’s aligned with corresponding imagery, video, and other marketing material is a big challenge for many modern businesses. This presentation with Doris Sanocki, Product Manager for Digital Asset Management and Services at General Mills, explores the intersection of DAM and PIM.


DAM New York 2019 - Wrap Up


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Christy Dempster, Roche Diabetes Care

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Ian McNemar, Shutterfly Inc

"The HS DAM conference is my "must attend" event each year. It's one of the best ways to keep up with industry trends, survey the vendor landscape, and connect with other DAM professionals. When it's over, I feel the same way as I do when finishing a great series novel...enriched from the experience, sad that it's over, but eager for the next installment!"
Deb Fanslow, Schawk/Campbell Soup Company

"Henry Stewart DAM events bring the brightest thinkers and leading edge DAM vendors together to reveal and strategize the real challenges of evaluating, getting approval, buying and integrating DAM services into companies in all sectors."
Steven Hirsch, American Express Publishing