DAM New York 2022

The Art and Practice of Managing Digital Media


TechLab: An Operational Framework for DAM Success - with AVP

September 15, 3:20 PM EDT

Choosing digital asset management (DAM) software is the easier part—onboarding users, integrating it into your existing tech stack, and weaving it into the ways of your company is when the real difficulties can begin. But those challenges are easier managed, and the value of the DAMS easier realized, if you employ an operational framework for your DAM system. 

In this session, AVP will share its DAM operational model, developed from years of experience working with highly varied organizations to correctly implement and scale DAMS. The DAM operational model is a method and mindset for managing and mastering your DAM system that utilizes a blended approach of program, product, and service management.

Think of your DAM operational model as the literal roadmap toward a complete implementation, long-term ease of asset management, and delivery of value to your organization. Join us in this presentation as we share how to align your team and optimize your DAM—through purpose, people, technology, governance, process, measurement, and culture—to deliver long-term value to stakeholders, and impact to your organization.

What others say

HS DAM provided a network of like-minded passionate professionals that were so generous & honest with their front line experiences of working and creating in the DAM universe, Bravo

Cookie Marie Kurtz
Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Before attending a HS DAM event, I never knew the true impact or importance of DAM. For the first time it felt like I wasn't alone, but part of something so much greater. I left inspired and motivated to take what I had learned and apply it our DAM system. I look forward to the event every year! 

Nicole Fresolo

The Henry Stewart DAM NY conference did not disappoint. The breadth of topics and experiences covered were amazing.  I could have used three of me to cover all the sessions I was interested in attending!

Christi Klein
Lowe's Companies, Inc.