DAM New York 2022

The Art and Practice of Managing Digital Media


Quickfire presentations with HomeServe USA and Tyson Foods

September 15, 12:20 PM EDT

Join this session for two quickfire presentations with a combined Q&A moderated by Jarrod Gingras, Managing Director and Analyst, Real Story Group. Topics covered include:

  • How to Make Your Workplace DAM-Dependent
  • Communication Optimization Across the Digital Content Landscape


Session 1: How to Make Your Workplace DAM-Dependent

There are many ways to implement a DAM, and its success depends on enterprise cooperation, diligent governance, and technological integrations. 

Amy Wiesen, Manager, Digital Assets at HomeServe USA has practical experience in doing just this: successfully navigating the minefield of challenges to ensure that your DAM is on the right course and stays vital to your enterprise’s success.

Amy will take you through the A-Z of how to make your workplace DAM-dependent and will show the importance of:

  • Anticipating what questions will be asked and identifying potential roadblocks
  • Personalizing user training sessions:
    • listening to their needs
    • having user adoption techniques visible
    • onboarding across the organization in a symbiotic fashion
  • Ensuring thorough file preparation:
    • consistent file naming and consistent file optimization
  • Maintaining governance protocols:
    • metadata tagging
    • asset delivery
    • taxonomy optimization
  • Integrating the DAM with other technologies and systems


Session 2: ​Communication Optimization Across the Digital Content Landscape

Integrating systems within the digital asset supply chain requires sustained engagement and communication from stakeholders across the enterprise.

Over the past five years, Tyson Foods have expanded the DAM program and interconnected systems across the content landscape to optimize the digital asset supply chain. Gil Comeaux, Associate Digital Asset Manager at Tyson Foods, will present examples of solutions for DAM administrators that can greatly improve communication with application owners of connected systems.

Gil will explore practical ways to streamline interactions between system administrators and all stakeholders as well as ideas on how to minimize roadblocks within asset workflows. He will discuss:

  • Reducing emails by using forms
  • Creating tickets to identify trends
  • Team collaboration
  • Creating projects to increase stakeholder engagement

What others say

HS DAM provided a network of like-minded passionate professionals that were so generous & honest with their front line experiences of working and creating in the DAM universe, Bravo

Cookie Marie Kurtz
Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Before attending a HS DAM event, I never knew the true impact or importance of DAM. For the first time it felt like I wasn't alone, but part of something so much greater. I left inspired and motivated to take what I had learned and apply it our DAM system. I look forward to the event every year! 

Nicole Fresolo

The Henry Stewart DAM NY conference did not disappoint. The breadth of topics and experiences covered were amazing.  I could have used three of me to cover all the sessions I was interested in attending!

Christi Klein
Lowe's Companies, Inc.