DAM New York 2022

The Art and Practice of Managing Digital Media

DAM Leadership - Achieving Growth & Establishing Leadership

Wednesday September 14, 2.00PM - 5.00PM

This master class and workshop is designed for DAM project and operational managers contemplating the pleasant glow that accompanies reaching the end of their design-and-deployment tunnel and starting to look towards what's next. Trading the heads-down intensity of delivering DAM for the heads-up strategies that will sustain and grow it, and keep its trajectory one step ahead of the business requirements. Whether you're a one-person DAM operation or a global team, the challenges are largely the same. 

Our class and workshop will help you approach sustaining and developing your DAM capabilities, providing best practices and advanced insights into the values of operational continuity, strategic growth and internal product management. We'll explore classic issues of governance and where the DAM department reports as it evolves in different organizations. We'll examine what it means when DAM is now established throughout the organization along with the processes, people and philosophies necessary to support growth in companies of all sizes. And we'll cover how your personal growth as a DAM Manager is an essential element.

Graham and David will review current discussion on the Digital Asset Management Maturity Model, and introduce some samples for your use.

Some of the topics we'll cover include:

  • The must have values for an ongoing DAM operation
  • The advanced values that position DAM as an effective business tool for the enterprise
  • Developing a DAM Center of Excellence
    • Staffing, funding and growing all the elements
  • Managing competing priorities in a complex software environment
  • Governance less yawn and more brawn
  • Keeping up to date with tools, technologies and new work flows
  • Leading collaborative efforts with your peers to facilitate vendor engagement
    • You can have a user group even if they don't
  • Tips and tricks for user adoption, reporting, measurement and metrics
  • A primer on what-if's when departmental applications go enterprise
    • Typical roadblocks to growth and how to overcome them
  • And maybe even a few war stories (bring yours too!) 

This class and workshop is tailored to meet the needs of experienced DAM Managers who seek effective insights to grow their skills in managing a dynamic DAM environment.


Tutorial Leaders

David Lipsey

David H. Lipsey is well known as a Founder of the field of Digital Asset Management (DAM) and a consistent innovator in defining – and redefining DAM and its relationship to organizational strategy, rights, outreach and growth. David has worked internationally to create value from digital assets – and setting in place the organizational and strategic processes to achieve return on initiative as well as investment. David has been involved with the field of digital asset management (DAM) since its inception and is an international leader. David is a principal co-author of the widely used Digital Asset Management Capability Model, and a sought-after university and association speaker in DAM. He maintains expert level knowledge of the field in general, the vendor community, and most of all – how to make DAM accelerate the organizational goals which it must support.

Graham Allan

Graham Allan has spent over 25 years in digital media & entertainment technology, leading DAM, MAM, metadata, rights, and content supply chain transformations for major film, television, online media, theme parks, publishing, and content aggregation organizations in the US and Europe. 15 of those years were spent driving DAM, MAM & infrastructure software initiatives for Disney's animation, film and television divisions, and directing the company’s enterprise integrated MAM strategy. Subsequent consulting roles have extended that leadership across other motion picture, TV and media companies, and as a thought leader, author and speaker on many aspects of today’s media and content supply chain challenges. As Managing Director at Deloitte Consulting, he drives a range of strategy and digital transformation initiatives across the media landscape.



"Highly relevant & informative content"
Kylie Tasker, Levis

"Group size was perfect for collaboration"
Ross Gilbertson, Capstone

"A great way to get up to speed in the field and get a sense of where you are and where you're going"
Jared Bojkowski, HHMI

"The DAM Leadership session was a great way to learn about what it takes for DAM to come to life in an organization, and things to look at, consider, and put into practice in managing your DAM."
Nate Shields, Spinakr Solutions

"I appreciated the manner in which David and Graham were able to flex their presentations based on the needs of the audience. Content was real and highly relevant." 
Pam Lafferty, QVC