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DAM and AI: What You Can Leverage Right Now

29 June, 14:15 PM

DAM and AI: What You Can Leverage RIGHT NOW

With all the talk about ChatGPT, Bard, chatbots and artificial intelligence in general, you may, as a DAM practitioner, be wondering what your focus should be.

AI is all the range, and brands are looking to understand the business opportunity – where and how to apply AI.

This session will delve deep into the DAM+AI functional spectrum, looking, in detail, at the capabilities offered within DAM systems in the areas of auto-tagging, machine learning, generative marketing content and dynamic creative.

Join Theresa Regli, Lisa Grimm, Executive Consultant of ICP and Noz Urbina, Omnichannel Content Lead of Urbina Consulting to examine the ‘friend vs. foe’ aspects of AI. They will be examining where you can make the most of it and where you must measure risk and exercise caution. They will share:

  • What are the types of AI in use today.
  • What are the most valuable applications of AI technology.
  • How AI can be used to build better omnichannel experiences.
  • How AI can help unify siloed business processes.

What others say

HS DAM events are simply the place to be for people passionate to learn about DAM and all its connected learning.

Liam Bennett
Tempur Sealy International

Great to be back in person at the HS DAM Europe 2022! Great opportunity to hear from peers in the industry and actually meet people again. Leaving with lots of areas to explore!

David Furness

HS DAM events are an invaluable opportunity to meet a wide range of DAM practitioners, futurologists, and deep specialists. You'll find parallels in industries you know and new concepts from industries you don't, that will make you question and improve your practice.

Steve Russell
The Royal Society