DAM Europe 2022

The Art and Practice of Managing Digital Media


Keynote: The Battle for the Heart of DAM

22 June, 09:40 AM BST

History is full of battles – for mind share, market share, kingdoms, and hearts. DAM is no different. Now over 20 years since the dawn of digital asset management as both a technology and a practice, we see first-hand the evolution of what DAM really is. The battle among enterprises, MarTech leaders, vendors, and analysts to define what DAM can do and should be is at an escalation point.

While DAM's original defining purpose may still hold true, use cases and applications of DAM have evolved dramatically; so this session will explore the current battlegrounds of DAM – and get to the heart of the matter. 

What others say

HS DAM events are really the one place to go for getting profound insights in status quo and trends in DAM industry. Very enlightening and inspiring!

Folke Wulf
Richemont Intl. SA

Great event - Provided the opportunity to learn from customer journeys from a variety of organisations from different market segments. We came away with lots of great questions for ourselves which will be useful during our implementation.

D. Khangura
Compass Group

HS DAM events provide me with the opportunity to broaden my horizons and think beyond to an "Omnichannel" DAM world that connects all the dots; video, image, text and more.

Sandra Keating
London Business School