DAM Europe 2022

The Art and Practice of Managing Digital Media


Florian Zarkov

Senior Manager Content Tagging

Red Bull Media House

Florian is the Senior Manager Content Tagging at Red Bull Media House. Having started work in planning operations to become a state-approved engineer, Florian changed his position and became an expert in FEM-simulations. This was the most analytical and technical experience he could ever get and although the work was very specialised it did empower Florian’s skills for analytical and logical thinking.

Florian has been at Red Bull Media House for over 9 years and has broadened the scope of work of the content tagging team, which is part of the content services department at the media operations side of things. Content tagging currently includes descriptive tagging, metadata management, asset management, taxonomy management, time code based functional tagging and various smaller or specialised asset and metadata related tasks.

A tagger needs a good skill for search, needs to analyse what he/she sees and needs to set precise metadata on videos and moving imagery – Florian’s vision is to establish content taggers as metadata experts especially when it comes to day-to-day business.

What others say

HS DAM events are really the one place to go for getting profound insights in status quo and trends in DAM industry. Very enlightening and inspiring!

Folke Wulf
Richemont Intl. SA

Great event - Provided the opportunity to learn from customer journeys from a variety of organisations from different market segments. We came away with lots of great questions for ourselves which will be useful during our implementation.

D. Khangura
Compass Group

HS DAM events provide me with the opportunity to broaden my horizons and think beyond to an "Omnichannel" DAM world that connects all the dots; video, image, text and more.

Sandra Keating
London Business School