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Creating and Maximising a Digital Ecosystem and Proving its Worth

24 March, 11.15 AM SGT

Creating and Maximising a Digital Ecosystem and Proving its Worth
Making DAM the heart of the tech stack

Strategic business objectives evolve over time as organizations pivot, flex and grow in line with market demands. The same is also true for marketing technology. In order to truly exploit all the benefits DAM can bring to an organisation it must become the heart of the technology stack. 

The journey to map out and execute an ambitious strategy to elevate DAM as the hub for content across an entire organisation, is a long and winding road. It requires sponsorship, support and commitment from the entire business. It also requires budget. 

Organizations that see the benefits of investing in such radical evolution understand the ROI and the risks from financial inefficiencies, and potential brand damage if this is not part of their strategy. Organizations where the benefits are not quite as clear will be surprised by statistics that prove how much financial waste and brand damage occurs when DAM is not part of the overall organizational strategy at the heart of the technology stack. This will no doubt influence change.

Hear from Amanda Gower, Global Head of Operations for Creative Services and Production at Schneider Electric on how they are addressing this challenge.


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