Creative Operations New York 2022

Making Creative Work Better


Talent Flight: How to Optimize Superpowers and Crush Kryptonite so People Love Your Workplace

May 4, 11:55 AM EDT

Are you, like most of your peers, tired of talking about ‘change management’? In the post-pandemic business world, managing change has turned into an unending daily grind. So, in this session, we’re going to talk about pain management - or Kryptonite - because the pain of process chaos, employment shortages and turnover is crushing almost everyone. We’ll aim to help you take stock of your situation and lead your team - and yourself - to a better work environment. Which is where everyone wants to be.

In this session, Wayne will show you how to:

  • Assess your Superpowers and Kryptonite personally - and organizationally
  • Build a roadmap for recruitment, retention and genuine workplace joy
  • Interact with your team in a more genuine, collaborative and high-performing way


New York Hilton Midtown Hotel

What others say

The HS Creative Ops events are like a double shot of espresso at 3 in the afternoon on a Wednesday, but the energy I get from it lasts all year! 

Michaele Cooper
Equinix Inc.

Such a beneficial experience! Can't wait to share take-aways with my team and put new strategies into action.

Kayla Hilditch
Commonwealth Financial

HS Creative Operations provided a rare substantive opportunity for me to meet with like minds in the industry, share common challenges and actionable solutions and leave with a real sense of comradery.

Britt Godshalk
Edelman Public Relations