Creative Operations London 2023

Making Creative Work Better

Pre-Event Tutorial

Further your Creative Operations education with our exclusive Pre-Event Seminar taking place on 9 March 2023. Places are limited so we recommend booking soon to avoid disappointment:

Increase the Influence of Creative Operations in your Organisation
Thursday 9 March,
 9:30 AM - 1:00 PM
More than ever, the discipline of creative ops matters. Without proper investment in this area, creative work and marketing effectiveness have always suffered – and that’s truer than ever as budgets tighten, timelines get squeezed and the multitude of channels and formats gets ever larger. 
So, who’s going to tell the CEO? Who is going to convince the CFO? How do you get the CMO on board?  How do you justify investment in people who don’t actually create stuff? How do you frame the contribution of ops in ways that feel compelling? How do you measure the value of all this activity? And how do you make the time and create the focus that meets the challenge while not diluting efficacy in day to day management and not slowing down from warp speed engagement?
Join this seminar and:
  • Be equipped with a toolkit you can use to respond to all these challenges, in the context of your own organisation.
  • Explore the issues openly, in a safe and confidential environment, to identify with enhanced clarity the steps you need to take – just as soon as you get back to your desk.
  • Do this with the support of your peers and WDC’s expert guidance, based on 20 years’ experience of helping and advising creative ops professionals to drive efficient and effective marketing performance.
Session Leaders:
Jim Hubbard and John Owen, partners at WDC
Jim Hubbard      John Owen
The tutorial fee is £300 +VAT and provides access to the full session and any supplementary documentation. To register please click here.