Horizontal and Vertical Integration at ITV: Integrated creative campaigns redefined

15 June, 11:45 AM BST

ITV are completely redefining "integrated creativity" with their two distinct creative approaches of 'Horizontal Integration' and 'Vertical Integration'.

The reasons: to build more effective campaigns for their clients and to help brands connect better with popular culture. 

In this session: Vineet Raheja, Head of Creative at ITV, explains the strategy and processes involved.

Horizontal integration: enabling a single advertiser to be embedded in a show using sponsorship, show IP, product placement, talent, branded content, instore promotion and product development. Example: M&S Food

Vertical integration: a unique approach in which a single programme's multiple assets are aligned to different brands. In short, a show can have multiple partners across different vertical editorial strands of the show.  Examples: Love Island with its ten partners as the obvious and probably most publicly celebrated example; This Morning and Coronation Street.



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