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Session 1: State of the DAM Market & Maturity in 2024 - On-Demand

As the DAM Marketplace continues to evolve, it is critical for buyers to appropriately assess whether their ambitions align. Our latest DAM vendor research reveals some important trends that every DAM practitioner and potential buyer needs to know before they make their next DAM decision.

  • Trends & Benchmarks
  • Market Categories
  • DAM Use Cases & Scenarios
  • Ways to Select the Right Vendor Partner


Session 2: State of AI in 2024 - On-Demand

AI is getting embedded willy-nilly into a wide range of engagement platforms including  DAMs, but can you trust the vendors?  What are they really good at, and where do they lag?  Lean on RSG's longstanding expertise in evaluating vendors to get the real story on which AI solutions are right for your enterprise.

  • AI / ML
  • AI Use Cases / Scenarios for DAM and Content Management
  • Vendor Categories
  • Trends
  • Responsible AI


Session 3: Emergence of Omnichannel Content Management - On-Demand

What’s wanted? Every enterprise wants to create consistent, on-brand experiences at every touchpoint in every omnichannel world.

What’s coming? An omnichannel tech stack that distinguishes four key layers:

One: The ever-growing set of engagement channels where customer experiences take place
Two: The interaction and delivery environments that mediate experiences
Three: The content and engagement management services where enterprises create and manage experiences
Four: The foundational systems that drive enterprise-wide consistency and deliver a holistic customer experience.

  • Silo Backlash
  • Modern Stack Trends
  • Foundational Content Building Blocks of Experiences
  • AI and Omnichannel Content


Session 4: Future Gazing: What Else is Next? - On-Demand

Based on what we’re seeing developed by software vendors and the roadmaps of buyers, we’ll look into the crystal ball to explain what we think is coming next.

  • The Future of Predictive & Insights AI 
  • The Intersection of Generative and Other AI
  • AI / ML Ops in the Modern Enterprise
  • Inconvenient Realities

May - June, 2024

Online Educational Series