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Negotiating Dilapidations

Dilapidation claims are a contractual claim subject to a statutory cap. This session will focus on the often complex and grey areas, looking at many of the landlord and tenant rights and obligations.  

The session will cover:

  • The relevant clauses and where to find them
  • What do the words of repairing clauses actually mean?
  • The statutory cap
  • The default common law position
  • How inherent defects interact with dilapidation claims
  • The Dilapidations Protocol
  • Tactics: how do you play it if you are a landlord?  How do you play it if you are a tenant? 


Partner and Head of Property Disputes

What others say

I have listened to the Henry Stewart lunchtime Webinars and have found them very informative: in fact there was so much information, I have had to revisit to comprehend it all! A great way to increase your CPD over a lunch break.

David W Smith BSc FRICS PGDip
Urban Revival Limited

I attended the webinar on complex lease terms and expected this to be a light filler to boost my CPD, but I found myself scribbling three pages of useful notes! There was some really valuable new information about current trends and upcoming changes. In particular the post webinar questions gave added insight. 

Martin Connolly BSc FRICS
Eckersley Property

Excellent, informative and concise webinars delivered professionally, concluding with good question and answer session.

Ken Batty Chartered Surveyors