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Pubs as an Asset Class – What Next?

After two of the most difficult years in the sector’s history, this webinar will look at how pubs are getting back on their feet again after the various enforced lockdowns and trading restrictions.

Topics covered include:

  • How have pubs evolved their trading models during the last 2 years and are these measures here to stay?
  • How have pubs been performing and who have been the biggest winners and losers during this period?
  • Who are the emerging operators and which areas of the market are they targeting?
  • Are we seeing M&A activity return to the sector and where has this been focussed?
  • Has the pandemic affected values?
  • What are the main headwinds that operators are now facing?
  • Has sentiment towards pubs as an investment class been dampened?
  • What is the sector doing to improve its ESG credentials?



Director, Licensed Leisure