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Corporate Real Estate in a World that has Accepted the Need for Change

The past two years have seen great change. However, now we have a wealth of knowledge supported by hard data that, correctly interpreted, enables us to see what is going to happen in the short and medium term future and how real estate will evolve. 

•    We know that offices remain important. 
•    But we also know that their role has evolved, and that many offices are no longer fit for purpose. 

In many locations we face a future of stranded assets. 

What we must do: accept and embrace a state of flux as the norm.

A webinar on what this means in practice - Andrew Phipps, Head of Business Development, EMEA and Local Markets, Cushman & Wakefield, addresses:

-    What an office needs to be. 
-    What differentiates excellence from all else. 
-    What the future of work looks like. 
-    The main barriers to change.
-    Where the metaverse fits into all of this change. 


Head of Business Development, EMEA & Global Futurist
Cushman & Wakefield