Industrial and Logistics Warehousing

Size and location; specification; funding; values; occupier trends, capital sources and environmental issues

Introducing a new Online Series of Briefings led by the Logistics and Industrial team at Savills:

  • Emma Andrews, Director, Planning
  • Chris Earle, Logistics Occupier Advisory
  • Thomas McMillan, Director, Head of Energy Consulting
  • Kevin Mofid, Head of Logistics & Industrial Research
  • Sandra Nwachukwu, Associate Director
  • Richard Sullivan, Head of Logistics and Industrial

This series of three detailed briefings will examine what’s happening in the sheds and large distribution warehousing market, trends in the short and longer term and the supply, demand and key drivers fuelling investment in this asset class.  The potential challenges and key opportunities fuelled by the COVID-19 pandemic will be addressed as well as what future interest and supply will look like.

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Sign up for this series and receive the following:

  • Three detailed sessions full of data and expert interpretation:
    • Data – where we are and the story so far; what the future holds
    • Likely disruptors of the trends – is the supply chain sufficiently robust?
    • Capital values, yields and secondary investment stock
    • What’s driving decisions on which asset and where?  What do businesses need, expect and want
    • Who’s funding what and why
    • Investor appetite
  • No important area will be overlooked and there will be copious use of case studies to demonstrate the ‘who’, ‘what’ and ‘how’ of projects
  • Sessions of 90 minutes each, including answers to questions from participants on the challenges they are facing and the opportunities they may have missed
  • Unable to attend all sessions or joining partway through?  Recordings will be available for all registrants

About the series:

The UK’s industrial sheds, warehousing and logistics sectors and the industries supporting them seem to be performing well during the COVID-19 pandemic.  It’s important to recognise that industrial space, warehousing, sheds and distribution hubs play an important, if largely unnoticed, role in all our lives – now more so than ever before.  These real estate asset classes have seen a resurgence of interest and may well continue to do so well into the future – but is this the whole story the data are telling us?  Is what we are seeing a true reflection of the real estate market?  Remember, many other asset classes, once seen as both solid and stable, are performing well below earlier expectations.

COVID-19 has thrown a curve ball never before seen in our lifetime.  As we continue to adapt to a new normal, from where will investment in industrial logistics come and to what will it be committed?

This online series is designed for investors, financiers, developers, valuers, planners, consultants to the sector, logistics providers, occupiers and their advisors.


Tuesday 10 November
Session 1: The occupier market – where we are - the story so far; what the future holds

Wednesday 11 November
Session 2: The investment market – where is the active capital; what do investors want and how do they get it?

Friday 13 November 
Session 3: Town planning, energy provision and sustainability – complex issues but important elements in the mix