Topics from our most recent UK Property Finance briefing include:


Chairman’s opening remarks and a picture of what’s happening:
There is a readiness from investors and other interested parties to look for solid real estate investment opportunities and there is an appetite from borrowers to lend.

Keynote: How social and economic change affects real estate – and its lenders
This session looks at disruptive forces, how can places adapt, what’s stopping them, and what does it all mean for real estate finance?

Understanding the mood of the market
Using current research data, this session discusses the current standing of real estate as an asset class

Keynote: The UK Debt Market – an upbeat picture?
Amongst other topics, this keynote looks at the current state of the UK Debt Market – where was it and where is it now?

Inflationary trends
The global flow in capital

Improving the bottom line
Use of tax reliefs for property development, investment and trading

Lenders’ spotlight
This session will include key discussion points focussing on who’s lending, who’s spending and what funds are available for what real estate asset and on what terms?

Asset classes’ spotlight
This session will focus on sector specific operational asset classes – nursing and care homes, healthcare, PRS and student accommodation, hotels and leisure facilities including holiday parks, garden centres and urban leisure – all growing in interest as investment assets.

Commercial development financing spotlight
The scope and nature of the lender beyond traditional retail banks … this session will review current development finance trends and effective due diligence, balancing the risk and rewards and market condition contingencies