Bringing together Borrowers, Lenders and Intermediaries

This is a major gathering where new contacts are made, new sources of funding are found and new business opportunities are promoted.

Never in the UK property market has there been such diversity in the appetites of lenders. Finance for just about every type of property transaction and location is available. However, for borrowers locating the right source is the challenge while for would-be lenders it’s finding the borrower for what they are prepared to lend at the price they seek. Helping market participants ‘match their needs’ is what UK Property Finance – from whom, for what is all about.

The property finance market is deep, wide and extremely dispersed. This forum brings the elements together.

Covering: finance for residential development, commercial development of all types and UK locations, investment, funding structures, mezzanine finance, joint venture partnering and tax planning.

What others say

Henry Stewart Property conferences provide me with the opportunity to meet other candidates working in the same sector but with differeing roles, thus allowing me to gain a better insight into the real estate sector.

Alpha Bank London Limited

Henry Stewart property conferences provide me with the opportunity to gain an overview of aspects of the property industry.

Langlois Ltd

Informative and well-balanced, with speakers whose expertise provided a balanced overview of the topic.

Principality Building Society