Including: why joint venture; the possible structures; dividing up risk vs reward; common pitfalls and what happens in the case of deadlock and early exit; what are the current and longer-term challenges brought about by COVID-19

Introducing A New Online Market Briefing led by James Wilkinson (Partner, Global Corporate Group) and his team at Reed Smith. This new online briefing will examine joint ventures and the important role they play in real estate, covering their many forms as well as the documentation required to give them effect.

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  • Detailed sessions covering joint venture partnerships and structures, tax, heads of terms, contracts and regulations, confidentiality agreements, due diligence, negotiation, documentation structure, risks vs rewards split, profit share distributions, leadership, common pitfalls, and dealing with partnership disputes and deadlock
  • There will be an extensive use throughout each session of a commercial development joint venture case study to demonstrate the ‘who’, ‘what’ and ‘how’ of a joint venture partnership – no important area will be overlooked
  • Sessions spread across the day, with time for answers to questions from participants on the challenges they are facing
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About this online market briefing:

Joint ventures are often absolutely essential in real estate investment projects but are notoriously complex and risk prone.  Perhaps more so than ever, there are many issues that must be addressed without delay, including the potential impact of unprecedented new challenges both in the UK and worldwide.  Lack of knowledge is the biggest risk of all.

This new online briefing is designed to meet the needs of property developers, dealers and investors, lenders and financiers, representatives of public and private companies, investment bankers, pension funds, insurance companies, land owning public bodies and corporates, local authorities, solicitors, surveyors, estate agents, accountants, tax advisors, statutory undertakers and finance brokers.


Session 1: 
What is a joint venture and why are joint ventures necessary?

Joint venture structures – partnerships; limited liability partnerships; limited liability companies; complex tax aspects


Session 2: 
Preliminaries – including heads of terms; confidentiality agreements; due diligence 

Documentation Part I – including development, property management and asset management agreements


Session 3:
Documentation Part II – including shareholders’ and partnership agreements; Articles of Association; business plans


Session 4:
Common pitfalls – including what happens if more funding is required; introducing new JV partners to the arrangement; share transfers

Exit/deadlock – including the risks of going and the risk of not going; remedies and resolutions in deadlock; sale of assets; distribution of assets

What others say

Thought provoking conference! Essential, common sense and practical advice for anyone contemplating or engaged in Joint Ventures.

Tuath Housing Association

Good comprehensive coverage of the subject matter delivered in clear and confident presentations. 

Head of Legal & Democratic Services
North Somerset Council

Great overview of a complex process. Use of case study was an excellent way to convey the subject matter.

Development Partnership Manager
Ashford Borough Council