An Ideal Introduction to the Property World and What it is All About


For everyone in an administrative or support position who needs to know more about property, and all those new to the world of real estate.

This briefing is for ADMINISTRATORS, SUPPORT STAFF (including secretaries, PAs and PEs) AND ALL THOSE NEW TO THE PROPERTY WORLD.

It is important to understand what the problems are, how they are solved, who does what and when they do it. It is important to understand the jargon. Only then are you fully equipped to contribute as much as possible becoming a valuable asset to any team.

It won't make you an instant expert, but it will equip you with the basics, sufficient to understand what you are all trying to achieve and how you can most help.

This is a valuable briefing to increase understanding and productivity for all administrators, support staff (including property secretaries, PAs and PEs) and those new to the field working with surveyors, estate agents, finance brokers, property investors, lenders, developers and dealers, in public and private property companies, pension funds, insurance companies, banks, building societies and the property departments of commercial organisations, universities, colleges and other, not-for-profit, property owners as well as in local and central government.

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What others say

The Henry Stewart speakers provided the information I need to further understand the property market to which I have only recently begun working in. I don’t work directly with property – I work in the accounts department. It’s nice now to be able to go back to work and understand what is being talked about around me. 

Treasury Accounts
Ashdown Phillips & Partners Limited

Great intro to property whether you are brand new to the industry or already have a broad idea of what it entails. Great that it covers investment, value, leases, planning and asset management. Loved the history bits – goes a long way in explaining especially if you didn’t go to school in the UK.

Caisson Investment Management

Excellent introduction to property. I deal with secured lending for a Building Society and was looking for a broad knowledge of property (just started the job a couple of weeks ago). Really appreciated the quality of speakers, the subjects covered and the amount of information covered. 

Business Lending Manager
Cumberland Building Society