Tom Darcy

Regional Solutions & Technology Director Europe / City Growth Director



Thomas is a City Growth Director for Jacobs and has over 15 years experience working across the Regeneration and Infrastructure sectors. A Landscape Architect by base profession Thomas has spent much of his career focussing on the role Placemaking plays in the establishment of vibrant, sustainable and resilient urban centres. More recently Thomas is responsible for Jacobs Solutions & Technology effort which aims to bring the best of the organisations global expertise to resolve local clients challenges. 

In 2021 working with the London Transport Museum and its partners Thomas led the delivery of the ‘Rethinking sustainable cities: This is all in the air’ report, which aimed to distill the key messages from those sessions and offers suggestions that city makers and stakeholders can put into practice. Explaining why sustainable cities are so important, and how all of us can contribute to making them a reality.