Peter Stoughton-Harris

Executive Director, Valuation & Advisory Services


Peter is an Executive Director in the Valuation and Advisory team. Peter leads the retail valuation team of 14 people as well as working with all areas of valuation for a number of clients in the UK and all over continental Europe. He also sits on the strategy group for V&A, as well as the RICS Valuation Standards Board, and has over 30 years’ experience in the valuation of all types of property on behalf of owners, lenders, investors throughout Europe but also in Japan and Mauritius. He advised the Government the sale of British Coal in 1994, and was MD of DTZ (UK) in 2000 where he sat on the UK and European Boards. Peter currently chairs the RICS Committee on Asset Valuations and has been a Pension Trustee for both money purchase and final salary schemes.