Repurposing Obsolete Real Estate

A major source of profit in the coming decade


Dan Hunt

Director, Commercial Cost Lead


Dan has 19 years’ experience in the industry and leads a team of Commercial Cost Managers at AECOM. Operating both nationally and internationally, Dan has a number of leading developers and global brands as his clients allowing him the opportunity to observe, at close hand, the evolving nature of construction in the Commercial sector. 

Dan represents his clients at all stages of the construction life cycle, allowing a broad ranging view of the key drivers of success for the projects he delivers. Early-stage feasibility studies, project appraisal inputs, design team management, procurement and post contract cost control are all areas of Dan’s expertise. Along with his own personal experience, Dan has a strong network of contacts both within AECOM and the wider industry with whom the latest trends and demands within the industry can be appraised and managed to the success of his clients.


16 June – 2 July 2021

A Series of Online Briefings