​​Introducing a new online series of briefings led by a team of specialist experts:

  • Michael Craik, Consultant, Construction, Maples Teesdale
  • Gregory Francis, Expert Witness and Associate Director, Avison Young
  • Dellah Gilbert, Partner, Head of Dispute Resolution, Maples Teesdale
  • Paul Lovelock, Partner, Hollis
  • James Matthews, Senior Sustainability Consultant, Avison Young
  • Ian McKenna, Partner, Hollis


  • The latest legal and policy frameworks
  • Understanding the responsibilities
  • The reality of the costly pitfalls if not avoided
  • Review of important new case law and the practical ‘how to do’ interpretation by leading real estate advisers
  • The latest challenges


  • Establishing boundaries and land description, Neighbourly Land Act and type of Party Walls
  • Building owner’s and adjoining owner’s rights and obligations
  • Consents, counter notices and responses
  • Rights of access, damages and dispute resolution
  • Buildings and structures capable of enjoying rights to light
  • Establishing and acquiring rights of light
  • Site surveys, information gathering and determining a case
  • Daylight and Sunlight – principles and measurement methods
  • Damages, disputes and valuation issues
  • Influential case law – interpretation

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Sign up for this series and receive the following:

  • Five detailed sessions full of the relevant legal frameworks, judgements and case law summaries plus practical interpretation
  • No important area will be overlooked and, to illustrate the policy and practice, there will be examples of best practice shared in each detailed session
  • Sessions of 90 minutes each, including answers to questions from participants on the challenges they are facing
  • Unable to attend all sessions or joining partway through?  Recordings will be available for all registrants

About the series:

Dealing with rights to light, daylight, sunlight and party wall matters is so often dealt with far too late in the programme of many a development project.  Delays can result in litigation or costly remedial action.  Understanding the crucial issues of these important areas early in the development process is essential to the smooth running of projects and is necessary to avoiding delay and expense – overlooking them and assuming they are not important is not an option.

This new online series will explain the legal minefield and will provide a practical interpretation of how these important issues should be handled appropriately.  It will look at the latest important case law and how the decisions are interpreted.

This new series is ideal for surveyors, developers, planners, architects, property owners and their legal advisers.


Wednesday 18 November
Sessions 1 & 2: Party Walls 

Wednesday 25 November
Sessions 3 & 4:  Rights to Light 

Wednesday 2 December
Session 5: Daylight and Sunlight 

November - December 2020

A Series of Online Briefings