The past matters because One: it has determined today’s stock of opportunities and Two: it contains valuable lessons of what proved to be the right decisions and what were not. 

The present matters because this is the market in which decisions are made. 

The future matters because that is where the outcome of decisions made today will prove to have been right or wrong – what we do must be possible in the present market and wanted in the markets yet to come. 

‘Industrial’ – sheds, warehousing, logistics and traditional manufacturing space. 

The background: 

The UK’s industrial sector has seen huge growth over the past decade, driven, amongst other factors, by structural changes within the retail sector and by COVID-19. The sector supports growth in all commercial and consumer activities - it occupies a vital role in UK infrastructure.  

The big questions: 

  • Will the huge demand continue in the coming years?  
  • Will supply be sufficient?  
  • What will be the impact of macroeconomic trends and events? 
  • How will the pursuit by government and businesses of a net zero carbon future and an ESG agenda affect specifications, capital values and rents?  

This online series is designed to provide answers for investors, developers, valuers, consultants to the sector, logistics providers, occupiers, agents and advisors. 

The series:

  • Three detailed briefings examining what has driven the surge in demand, trends expected to drive future demand and the growing importance of ESG. All are having an immense impact on the sector – for developers, investors, funders and the all-important occupiers. 
  • No important area will be overlooked – all interpretation will be practical and relevant to real-world market conditions using illustrative examples
  • Sessions of 75 minutes each, including answers to questions from participants on the challenges they are facing and on the opportunities being created. Sessions start at 10.00am and run to 11.15am
  • ​Unable to attend all sessions or joining partway through? Recordings will be available for all registrants

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Session 1: Tuesday 13 June 

Lessons from the past 15 years; interpreting current market ‘stats’. 

Session 2: Tuesday 20 June 

Growth sectors driving current and future demand for space. 

Session 3: Tuesday 27 June 

The current and future impact of ESG on rental and capital values; its growth in importance for landlords, funders and occupiers. 

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