Finance for Property Investment and Development

Commercial, Residential and Mixed Development

We are delighted that this essential briefing for the HS Property Hub community will take place in-person in May 2023. We look forward to welcoming you!


Finance for Property Investment and Development 

From Whom - For What

A state of the market briefing for borrowers, lenders, brokers, agents, lawyers, insurance companies and pension funds.

Much has changed over the past few years – gone are many of the certainties, particularly when dealing with finance for commercial investment and development. As we have learned recently much can change quickly and then change back even quicker – MARKETS MATTER.

The purpose of this briefing is simple: to indicate what finance is available, for what purposes, from whom and on what terms? 

It’s in the detailed answers to these questions – in briefings and panel discussions (with ample time available for Q&As) that it gets more complicated AND USEFUL.

The day will cover finance (the sources and terms) for:

  • Commercial Investment and Development: Industrial, Logistics, Shops, Offices and Mixed Use
  • Commercial Investment, Development and Finance: The City of London and its Fringe
  • Commercial Owner – Occupier Premises 
  • Residential Development Funding - what are the options?
  • Understanding the Implications of Third-Party Funding – Where the lender’s funds are sourced has immense implications for the ultimate borrower
  • The ‘other’ sectors: leisure property, hotels, student accommodation, primary healthcare, residential and care homes
  • Joint ventures and mezzanine finance – sources, terms and structures

No important area will be overlooked. It’s what is really happening in the market that matters.