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Session 1
Setting the Scene - 
Derek Bruce 

  • Real Estate defined: freehold and leasehold interests
  • The relationship between property, the economy and society
  • Property cycles: why booms and busts happen
  • How the property life cycle works and who is involved: the actors and their advisers including investors and bankers
  • Climate change - why it matters to real estate 

Session 2
Planning: where development starts - 
David Carlisle 

  • Why the planning system is needed
  • The national planning policy framework 
  • From national to local: local and neighbourhood plans 
  • Current policy challenges and concerns: e.g. affordable housing; renewable energy; green belt protectio

Session 3
The Law of the Land: Owning, Buying and Selling - 
Derek Bruce 

  • Introduction to land law - from 1066 to now!
  • How we can own: different titles: freeholds, leaseholds, commonhold and other forms of shared ownerships
  • Legal rights, obligations and covenants
  • Land registration - the what and the why
  • Buying and selling the options: private treaty, tender and auction
  • The law and practice of Estate Agency 

Session 4
Developing Land: navigating the system - 
David Carlisle  

  • The planning process – what you need to do to before making an application… forms and consultations
  • Who decides – and why gaining consent can be a lengthy process
  • Appealing decisions 
  • Special rules around heritage

Session 5
Understanding Commercial and Residential leases – 
Derek Bruce    

  • Lease v licence
  • Common forms of lease:  ground/development leases; commercial leases;  residential long leases; residential short leases
  • Commercial lease terms: Model Lease Clauses
  • Common areas of dispute
  • Protecting tenants: commercial and residential law and codes

Session 6
Any colour as long as it’s ‘green’
 – Tom Marshall 

  • Why climate change and ESG matter to property
  • Introducing the international sustainable development goals
  • Green certification
  • Regulation: energy matters but so does the environment!
  • How the agenda impacts value: green premium or brown discount?
  • Retrofitting – the new name of the game: examples; challenges
  • What is the future?

Session 7
Whose buying? And what will they pay?
 – Simon Wainwright 

  • Occupational v investment market 
  • The investor’s shopping list: what’s on it and what is not and why
  • Balancing risk and return
  • Finding the money! Who loans and on what?
  • Putting a price on an investment property: explaining rents and yields
  • Other reasons to value real estate and how we do it

Session 8
Commercial Asset and Premises Management 
- Derek Bruce

  • Managing let building 
    - Service charges
    - Rent review in practice
    - Dilapidations: typical defects that develop
    - Dealing with regulation: energy standards
  • Managing Occupation: Issues for owner-occupiers and tenants
    - Should we rent or should we own?
    - The role of FM
    - Covid and Health and safety
    - Intelligent buildings and big data